Best Behavior Book Series For Kids

Best Behavior Book Series For Kids

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The Best Behavior Book Series for Kids are books written by children’s book authors Elizabeth Verdick and some by Martine Agassi.

I learned about the book series because I was looking for more information about the 3 books about behavior that I bought in the summer of 2020 to help explain how to behave properly to our then 2.5-year-old boy (now 3).

And I just want to share these beautiful books with you, just in case you need some help in explaining to your kids how to behave properly.

These books are good gift ideas, too.

The Best Behavior Book Series For Kids

There are 11 books in the Best Behavior Book Series for kids. All books are written by the authors Elizabeth Verdick and Martine Agassi using simple words and colorful illustrations to guide children to choose peaceful and positive behaviors.

Select titles are available in two versions: a durable board book for ages 0-4 (baby to preschool) and a longer, more in-depth paperback for ages 4-7.

Bilingual board books (the version I bought) and paperback editions are also available for select titles.

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The Best Behavior Books Series Board Books

These are durable board books that are designed for kids from 0-4 years old. These books use simple words that are easy to understand and colorful illustrations to help catch the kids’ attention.

Hands Are Not For Hitting

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One of the reasons why I started looking for books about behavior was that #1 (then 2.5 years old) started hitting us, or the sofa, or the wall when angry.

We were shocked because he didn’t have this behavior before he went to the nursery. We had the theory that he saw one of the kids doing the same.

After like a month or so of reading and explaining this book to him, he stopped hitting when angry, even if he’s shouting. What a relief!

Voices Are Not For Yelling

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#1 just got interested in this book lately (like 2 or 3 weeks ago). I explained to him that even if we get angry, we don’t have to yell. We can just explain and say that we are angry by speaking normally.

Then one day, while I was making homemade petit suisse, I was so amazed because my 3-year old came to me saying: Mammi, I am angry with my brother, in a normal voice, without any hint of yelling.

And I suddenly remember this book. It’s indeed effective. And it’s not only for kids, but for adults, too.

Every time I get angry and start to be in a yelling mode, this book comes to mind, and helps me not to yell anymore (but there are times that I can’t really help it, but yell!).

Feet Are Not For Kicking

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If your kids are into kicking people and things and you have difficulty explaining to them why it’s not good, this book is a good choice.

Teeth Are Not For Biting

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I am supposed to buy this book, too. But the husband said it’s not necessary since #1 is not into biting. But if you have kids who are into biting, this can be a good resource.

Words Are Not For Hurting

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This is a book that will help explain to kids to refrain from saying hurting words to others and to say” I’m sorry” when hurtful words come out.

Tails Are Not For Pulling

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A very good book if you have pets at home to teach your kids how to be kind to animals with careful handling, awareness, safety, and respect.

Noses Are Not For Picking

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A book that will help explain to kids not to pick their nose, especially in public. It also teaches them healthier habits like using a tissue and washing their hands instead of nose-picking.

Germs Are Not For Sharing

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This is a very good book to let them understand germs, especially in this time of the pandemic. This book teaches kids the basics of not spreading germs such as covering up a sneeze or cough, blowing kisses when sick, and washing the hands!

Waiting Is Not Forever

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This is a good book to teach kids to learn to be patient. It offers simple ideas to make waiting easier.

Worries Are Not Forever

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This book will help explain to kids what worries are and how it feels to be worried.

Diapers Are Not Forever

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This is a book to help explain to kids potty training and why it’s time for them to let go of diapers. We bought another potty training book that is also a good one (I learned about this one later), but we might buy this one soon for #2 because the first book is already torn from playing.

Pacifiers Are Not Forever

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This book is the perfect book for parents who are trying to find ways to make the giving-up of pacifiers easier for their kids. It will help kids to give up their pacifiers with less drama.

The Best Behavior Books Series With Bilingual Edition

The books in the bilingual edition are board books that are written in both English and Spanish.

Voices Are Not For Yelling - bilingual edition
Our copy of Voices Are Not For Yelling bilingual edition.

These are the books that I bought and I find them very helpful especially for me since I am not fluent in speaking Spanish.

hands are not for hitting bilingual edition.b
Our copy of Hands Are Not For Hitting Bilingual edition.

I can read the book in English and my husband can read them in Spanish (or translate them to Catalan if he likes, too).

It is also a good way of improving my kid’s English vocabulary.

Voices Are Not For Yelling (La Voz No Es Para Gritar)

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Hands Are Not For Hitting (Las Manos No Son Para Pegar)

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Feet Are Not For Kicking (Los Pies No Son Para Patear)

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Words Are Not For Hurting (Las Palabras No Son Para Lastimar)

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Diapers Are Not Forever (Los Pañales No Son Para Siempre)

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Teeth Are Not For Biting (Los Dientes No Son Para Morder)

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Germs Are Not For Sharing ( Los Germenes No Son Para Compartir)

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Waiting Is Not Forever (La Espera No Dura Para Siempre)

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The Best Behavior Books Series With Paperback Edition

The paperback version of the best behavior books is designed for older kids from ages 4-7. These books have more pages and more elaborate than the board books for toddlers.

Here are the books available in paperback edition:

Words Are Not For Hurting, Waiting Is Not Forever, Worries Are Not Forever, Germs Are Not For Sharing, Tails Are Not For Pulling, Voices Are Not For Yelling, and Hands Are Not For Hitting.

Final Thoughts

The best behavior books are one of the best books for kids out there, in my opinion, because they help parents explain to kids how to behave properly.

They’re not only for kids but for adults, too. And they’re also excellent gift ideas for kids. A total win-win!

#1 and #2 are growing so fast and I will be observing them to know which book I have to buy next (when the need arises).

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