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Hello and welcome to Happy Hearty Home!

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I’m Julai, a mom on a mission to simplify our family life and home through decluttering, organizing, and low-waste practices; and also to simplify food through finding easy, yet delicious, healthy meals and share them all here in the blog in the hope of helping other moms, too, who have the same mission as mine.


My 12 years of experience working in different homes and the clutter we have at home have definitely influenced me to seek simplicity in my own family life and home.

a decluttered kitchen pantry.

I worked in various families with houses in different settings. Some are very tidy with minimal decorations and stuff, while others were messy and with a lot of small stuff that made cleaning difficult.

I can still remember secretly telling myself that if given the chance to have my own family and house, I would definitely want my house to be of less stuff for easy cleaning and maintenance; and that, I will never iron bedsheets.

With God’s grace and mercy, I have now my own family and we live in a house (that my beloved husband built when he was still single) that is a work in progress as we slowly finish it.

My husband said that he built the house, but I made it into a home by coming into his life and filling it with love and kids. 🙂

Sorry for digressing, but I’ll definitely share with you decluttering and organizing tips, low- waste tips, and other tips and tricks as we work on our goal of simplifying our family life and home by adopting the less is more mentality – the simple living lifestyle.

Less stuff means less time cleaning and maintaining, and more time to spend with the family.


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This section includes easy recipes and things related to healthy eating.

I grew up knowing nothing about cooking. I remember feeling stressed when my parents tell me to cook rice.

And when I was single, I boiled eggs that didn’t turn out well and made an omelet that was very salty. My girl friends I shared an apartment with would happily confirm these stories.

Now that I’m married, my cooking has definitely improved as my husband has confirmed. ? But definitely, it still needs a lot of hard work to be way better.

The goal here is to simplify food by finding easy, simple recipes to make cooking easier and faster, without making it less delicious. The fewer ingredients, and fewer instructions, the better.

Best oatmeal with banana recipe with shredded chocolate as an additional toppings

And also to practice healthy eating as much as possible and to make healthier, homemade versions of what we are usually buying from the store. So far, I am already successful in making homemade yogurt, homemade natillas, homemade petit suisse, and homemade lemon marmalade.


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