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The 7 Best Reusable Razors For Women In 2022

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It’s almost 2 years now since I switched to single blade reusable razor, and just like the washable menstrual pads, I only have good things to say about it. In this post, I gather the best single blade reusable razors available in the market, in the hope of helping you narrow down the choices (among hundreds) and to make your switch easier.

More women are now switching to reusable razors as a step in going greener and because it is also more skin-friendly and budget-friendly compared to the disposable ones. I wrote a detailed post about the single blade reusable razors and the benefits of using them, feel free to check it out if you want to read more about the topic.

In compiling this list, I considered several factors like quality, ease of use, affordability and good reviews from users. And I divided them into 2 categories: stainless steel reusable razors and bamboo reusable razors.

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The Best Reusable Razors For Women In 2022


The razors under this category are made entirely of stainless steel, making them very durable and long-lasting.


This reusable razor from Bambaw Company is a metal razor made exclusively from high-quality and durable materials, a guarantee that it will last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Bambaw reusable razor has a long handle for a convenient grip and it comes with an in-depth digital shaving manual that will guide users on how to shave perfectly on different body parts. The digital manual also provides tips on how to extend the life of the blades and the reusable razor, how to recycle them properly, and it also includes 2 recipes for homemade shaving cream.

This razor is a 3-piece model which means it can be dismantled into 3 pieces every time you use it: the handle and the 2 top plates which hold the blade. Using a 3-piece reusable razor is easy:

  • Unscrew the handle part until the head part separates from the handle.
  • Take the top part off and place the razor in the bottom part and put the two holding plates together, this time with the blade in between.
  • Then finally screw the head part tightly into the grip or handle part.

This razor comes in 3 colors: rose gold, black, and silver, and it comes with a stand for easy storing at home, and also comes with 1 free blade so you can use it right away. However, make sure to buy an additional pack of blades, so you can have a ready replacement once the blade gets dull. For a perfect shaving experience, the company recommends platinum-coated razor blades.

There is also an option without a stand for a bit cheaper price.


This durable stainless steel reusable razor comes in two colors: rose gold and black, it comes with a pack of 5 zomchi platinum razor blades, and it also comes with a stand.

Zomchi reusable razor has a butterfly open mechanism for replacing blades. The butterfly open mechanism works by unscrewing the razor’s bottom part, until the head opens (like a butterfly, thus the term), then replace the old blade with a new one, and then screw the razor’s bottom part tightly. This is the very reason why I love reusable razors with butterfly open mechanism because it’s very easy to use.

This reusable razor is 4.13 inch long, 1.73 inch wide, 0.39 inch diameter, and 0.15 lb in weight.


This reusable razor is almost identical to the zomchi butterfly reusable razor on top, only that this one has a different opening mechanism. It is called 3-piece because it is dismantled into 3 pieces every time you use it: the handle and the 2 top plates which hold the blade.

You need to unscrew the handle part until the head part separates from the handle. Then take the top part off and place the razor in the bottom part and put the two holding plates together, this time with the blade in between. Then finally screw the head part tightly into the grip or handle part.

This model is very convenient especially for travelers since it can be dismantled into 3 pieces to fit into the smallest space available.

This mechanism seems complicated to me compared to the butterfly one. But more women are buying this one compared to the butterfly open style. So, I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference.

This razor is 4.13 inches long and 1.65 inches wide. The package is very complete as it includes 1 reusable razor, 1 lovely gift box, 1 razor stand, and 10 pieces of double edge blades. The stand is a nice addition as a good way to store the razor after each use.


This reusable razor is not very popular in the US, but a huge hit in Spain with more than 6,017 contented users who left reviews.

This one is 4 inches long, with a butterfly opening, has multiple finger grips to avoid slipping, and comes in a beautiful travel case with a mirror. It also comes with 1 free blade, so you can use it right away. But make sure to buy an additional pack of blades for a ready replacement once the free blade gets dull.


albatross butterfly reusable razor with 10 blades
My Albatross Butterfly Reusable Razor.

This is the reusable razor that I bought in November 2018 and I am still using until now. The butterfly model is the recommended model of Albatross company for most people since it’s easier to use compared to the 3-piece model. The butterfly model works by securing the blade just twisting the bottom of the handle to open the holding plates (like a butterfly), then inserting the blade, then twisting the bottom again to close the holding plates.

This reusable razor comes with 10 free blades inside a hemp razor bag and is 3.5 inches long.

I bought mine from a local online shop run by a woman who is also into greener and healthier living. I checked just this morning so I can link to her shop, but I found out that her shop was already closed. 🙁

But you can still buy it from other online shops (not available on Amazon) or you can go directly to the Albatross website.


The reusable razors in this category have handles or grips that are made of bamboo and holding plates that are made of stainless steel. The razors look very beautiful and elegant.

Bamboo is sustainable because it is fast-growing (it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet), and it doesn’t need fertilizers for optimal growth.


The handle of this reusable razor is made of 100% bamboo while the holding plates are made of high-quality chrome-plated zinc-alloy making it strong and durable, and rust-free.

This one is a 3-piece model and it comes with an in-depth digital user manual which contains tips on how to assemble the razor, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of the body, how to increase the life of the blades, how to recycle the item responsibly, and it also includes after-shave treatment and 2 homemade shaving recipes.

This reusable razor comes with 1 free blade, so you can use it right away, and it also comes in a nice, reusable box. But it would be better to buy an additional pack of blades, so you can have a ready replacement once the free blade gets dull.

The reusable razor is 4 inches long, 1.75 inches wide, and 3.1 oz in weight.


This reusable razor is a 3-piece model and it comes with 1 free blade in a beautiful box. Every razor handle is one-of-a-kind and is handcrafted from bamboo, and the razor head is made with brass and chrome-plated zinc-alloy.

The razor is 4.5 inches long and there are 2 models to choose from: a razor with a thick handle for a vintage design and a razor with a thin handle for a modern design.

Pros And Cons Of Reusable Razors


  • Skin-friendly. They cut facial and body hair closely without creating more blade friction than necessary, thus giving a smooth and clean shave without irritation or razor burn.
  • Eco-friendly. They are made of sustainable materials and are designed to last for a long time, significantly reducing the amount waste being thrown to the landfill compared to disposable razors.
  • Budget-friendly. Once safety razor is bought, the only thing that needs to be bought repeatedly are the blades which is very cheap compared to buying disposable razors repeatedly.


  • There is a learning curve. This is the only con that I can think of in using reusable razors. As a beginner, you need to get the hang of it before you can use it confidently. In the beginning, you will experience several cuts, just like what I experienced, but it’s nothing serious to worry about. After the 2nd to 5th shave, you’ll already learn the tricks of shaving without cuts and you’ll be an expert in no time!

How To Choose The Right Reusable Razor

There is actually no exact guidelines in choosing the right reusable razor. Oftentimes, it’s trial and error. But, to avoid buying several reusable razors before finding the right one, I suggest reading the reviews left by people who have already used the items. Also, consider the following:

SIZE. Take a look at your current disposable razor and evaluate if you are truly comfortable using it. If not, try to think of what can be improved for you to be more comfortable using it, like a shorter, longer, thicker, or thinner handle. Then use it as one of the bases when choosing your reusable razor.

MODEL TYPE. Think about the model that you will be most comfortable using: 3-piece or butterfly. I personally prefer the butterfly model because I find it easier to use. But in the reviews that I’ve read, more people bought the 3-piece model. So, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

MATERIALS USED. Consider if you want one that is entirely stainless steel or one with a bamboo handle, both are durable. Bamboo has a stronger structure than steel according to research. But my reusable razor is made entirely of stainless steel because I am scared that the bamboo handle will be easily broken or rotten when left wet or moist for a long time.

I am very forgetful (a.k.a. lazy) and it takes between 1-5 days or even more before I can finally dry and store my razor. If you’re like me, maybe stainless steel is the better choice.

COLOR. This one is a bonus. Your reusable razor will function the same no matter what color. But if you want to have a “his and her” theme, then you can choose black or silver for your male partner and rose gold for the female. Mine is silver. And unfortunately, my husband is still using disposable razors at the moment. I tried to convince him to switch, but he’s so doubtful about it. But I won’t stop convincing him until he says yes. And when he does, I’ll buy him the best reusable razor in black that I can find as a way of saying thank you for switching. I hope it will happen so soon. 🙂

Tips And Precautions In Using Reusable Razors

  • Reusable razors are usually heavier than disposable razors and they glide smoothly on the skin, so there’s no need to press hard for additional pressure during shaving.
  • It is advisable to shave in shorter strokes with reusable razors.
  • Lather well the area to be shaved before starting.
  • Be careful in handling the blades (they are very sharp), store them carefully away from children’s reach.
  • Dry the blade immediately after each use to avoid rusting.
  • Don’t throw the blades directly into the garbage. They can pose danger to people who are working in close contact with garbage disposal. Ask in your municipality if they have guidelines in recycling blades (this is one of my assignments). But there are already several companies which has a blade take back program where you can send them back your used blades and they will recycle them properly for you. Albatross has this program.

I only learned about the blade take-back program recently, so I disposed of 2 used blades in the past by putting them inside an empty milk cartoon together with beer tops before finally throwing it into the yellow container (for plastics). I will continue researching this and will share the results with you later on.

Final Thoughts

Let’s all go back to the traditional way of shaving by switching to reusable razors. It’s good for our skin, our planet, and our wallet. A total win-win! I really hope that you’ll give the reusable razors a try. And once you do, feel free to come back here and share your experience.

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  1. Hello Julai, while I am not a woman I learned something about reusable razors from your article. I still use disposable razors, only because I can usually make each one last me several years. This probably isn’t the best practice, but I notice no difference in the quality of my shave when using a disposable razor compared to a non-disposable razor.
    One day I will switch to reusable razors. They definitely seem more practical and classier than disposable ones. But for now I am staying put!

    1. Hello Erick, thank you for sharing your thoughts about disposable razors. The main purpose is for us to waste less, so using a disposable razor and make it last for several years is another way of doing it. Let me know how it goes once you’ve tried using a reusable razor. All the best!

  2. I, too, have been using disposable razors all my life. Your article The Best Reusable Razors For Women In 2021 has now made me think and motivated me to buy a reusable razor in the near future.
    Thanks for this great list, I chose the top 3 possible options from it and I will first check at a nearby drugstore if they have any of these, otherwise, I will order online. But I will definitely switch to reusable razors, for all the reasons you listed in the article!
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hello Nina, I am glad that this post gives you the motivation to try reusable razor in the near future. Please tell me how it goes once you’ve tried it. Yes, check first on the nearby stores before buying online. All the best!

  3. I have thought about getting a reusable razor for a long time but I guess I was just too lazy to do the research.  Now that I see the choices you have laid out here, I ready to take the plunge!  For everyday use, I will get the Zamchi Butterfly because it has a stand and the butterfly mechanism seems easier to use than the 3 piece that has to be taken apart. I will also get the Kanzy Butterfly for travel because it comes with a travel case (and extra points because it has a great appearance!)  Thank you for doing all the research!

    1. Hello Cynthia, I am glad that this article made the final push for you to try the reusable razor. You made great choices! A stand is definitely a plus, mine doesn’t have (I bought mine when I don’t know a lot yet about reusable razors) and I totally agree about the butterfly mechanism being easier than the 3 piece. Mine is a butterfly and it’s super easy and convenient to use. God bless on your switch!

  4. Hi Julai and thanks for this great post. Thanks for highlighting the importance of reusuable razors as well as giving a detailed report of the reusuable blade in general. The one I find most interesting is the fact that it’s ecologically friendly,budget friendly and skin friendly. Is there however any chance that this blades can also be used by men?

    1. Hello Jude, thank you that you find this helpful. Yes, definitely these reusable razors are unisex and can also be used for men, though the brands most popularly used by men are different from the ones from this list. I’ll make a similar list for men, soon.

  5. Hey Julai. What an interesting article. To be fair I was using disposable razors my whole life and just recently I started to think about change. It was mostly driven by ecology but of course, I won’t also be complaining about some money saved. Thank you for the detailed review, It helps a lot to choose a proper razor. Looking forward to testing some of your recommendations.

    1. I am so happy that you are thinking of giving reusable razor a try. You won’t regret it for sure! Let me know how it went once you try it. 

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