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7 Things You Should Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Journey At Home (And One You Should Not Do Yet)

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Hello Mamas and not yet Mamas, I just want to share with you the things that I should have done before starting the weight loss journey at home and one thing that I should not have done.

These are all based on my personal weight loss experience following the Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge.

Things You Should Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Journey At Home

Before starting your weight loss journey at home, you should do these first: find your deepest why, find a weight loss program to follow, read and study the program’s manual, find a convenient start and end date, tell your close family and friends about your weight loss plan, get a notebook for food journaling, and start with the determination to really succeed! And the one thing that you should not do yet is renewing your wardrobe or buying new clothes.

1. Find Your Deepest Why.

When I was still single, I had been dieting many times and the reasons were always superficial like to be able to fit a dress that I am planning to wear to a certain party or gathering, or because I want to look slimmer on a coming event.

True enough, I was able to attain my goal. I looked good at the party with the dress that I wanted, then right after taking photos, I was binge eating right at the party once again! Argggggg!

But this time, it is different. My why is no longer superficial. It’s deeper and aligned with my beliefs. And I really think that it’s the main reason why I succeed.

My reason was no longer to look slimmer in a party or fit into a certain dress.

This time it’s so God will hear my prayer of long life and good health, so I will be able to serve and love the family that He has given me for a long time.

He alone knows when to take us from this Earth, but I also believe in the saying “Do your best and God will do the rest”.

2. Find A Weight Loss Program To Follow.

After finding my deepest why this is the second thing I did.

There are thousands of weight loss programs out there and you just have to find one that will suit your lifestyle.

It should be a program that you can follow according to your life circumstances for a great chance of success.

I am blessed because the weight loss program I used popped up on my screen unexpectedly.

I took a look at it and I actually liked it because I felt that it was something that is doable and something that would fit my situation well.

I know that there are a lot of free programs available on the net, too.

But I personally find that investing in a program is actually a good thing because it gave me the feeling of more accountability since I spent money on it.

I had more determination to succeed because I didn’t want my money to go to waste.

The weight loss program that I used is the Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge. I liked it very much because it’s very easy to follow and most of all it’s super affordable.

21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Program by Avocadu min

According to Independent News, the average person will try 126 fad diets over the course of their lifetime, and this only means that there’s no single diet or weight loss program that fits all.

You have to keep on trying until you find the right one for you.

But if you decide to follow a free one, just perfectly ok, too. Just make sure that you’ll not be complacent knowing that if you don’t succeed, there’s nothing to lose since you didn’t pay for it.

3. Read And Study The Manual First.

Once you find the weight loss program that you like, go ahead and purchase it.

Then study and read it thoroughly. I read the manual 2-3 days before finally starting.

I didn’t rush and I read it many times to make sure that I understood it well. Once I was done reading, I went back to some sections for clarifications.

4. Find A Convenient/ Appropriate Start And End Date.

I really believe that timing the weight loss program is important to avoid temptation, as much as possible.

I timed my weight loss journey during the lenten season since I naturally do fasting during this period.

The program that I followed is for 21 days, but because I am breastfeeding, it was reduced to 19 days. I planned to do 2 rounds of the program (a total of 38 days) and programmed it to be finished on or before Easter Sunday.

I had 4 days of rest in between the 2 rounds so I can finish it the day before April 1, the 70th birthday of my Mother-In-Law, just in case she’ll make the party during that time since I don’t want to show up and refuse all the foods that will be offered and came out as a “kill joy” because of my diet.

The party was done during Easter Sunday though, and I totally enjoyed all the foods without thinking about my diet (I will share with you next time tips and tricks on how to handle parties and gatherings during or after the weight loss program).

5. Tell Your Close Family And Friends About Your Weight Loss Plan.

You have to do this, so your close family and friends will be aware of your weight loss plan.

So, when they come for a visit, they won’t be surprised if you refuse the foods they’re bringing. Or better yet, they come with foods that you can also eat with them.

I first informed my husband about my weight loss plan and he approved of it, but later said that he was really skeptical at first.

But despite the thought, he was very supportive. He asked me if I can eat the food that he’s going to prepare. If I say I can’t, he tweaked it to remove the ingredients that I can’t eat and replace them with something that I can.

I also told my in-laws about it. And during their visit, they bring food that I can also eat. And one time they brought something that I can’t and they didn’t force me to eat it.

Then another time, my close friends also came and they didn’t force me to eat the sweets that they brought since they know that I can’t eat at the moment.

6. Get A Notebook For Food Journaling.

This is important, so you’ll track your food intake and your exercise if any.

In my case, I used the other end of a newly bought notebook for my food journaling.

I wrote the date and day, then my weight for the day, the time of my food intake, then the foods I consumed and the exercise I did, if any, and the amount of water I consumed for the day.

First page of a food journal for weight loss journey at home.
First page of my food journal.

Until now (a month after the diet), I am still food journaling. I really find it helpful because I can take a look at what I ate the previous days, especially when I’m experiencing a weight increase.

7. Start With The Determination To Really Succeed!

Now that you have all the things you need for your weight loss journey, go and start with the determination to really succeed! Follow the instructions carefully like what foods to consume, the amount of water to drink everyday, etc.

Believe that you can do it because believing in yourself in the very first place can do wonders in your journey!

The One Thing That You Should Not Do Yet Before Starting A Weight Loss Journey At Home

Do Not Renew Your Wardrobe Or Buy New Clothes Yet. In late November /early December last year, I was already slowly renewing my wardrobe per my husband’s suggestion.

One day, he commented that my clothes were old and that I need to buy new ones.

I am so happy and contented being a stay-at-home mom and didn’t pay much attention to my wardrobe.

When my husband mentioned it, I realized that he was right! Most of my clothes, if not all, were really old (clothes when I was still single) and the others were bigger size than my usual size.

So, I started buying during the sales. Good thing and I was already decided a long time ago to build a capsule wardrobe, so I bought few items. But all the items I bought are now very loose, especially the tops.

The pants are loose, too. But they’re still wearable. I actually like them better now, because I feel more comfortable.

You will surely have more fun renewing your wardrobe after your weight loss. So, don’t buy new clothes, yet. You’ll save money if you wait.

I have to buy new clothes now, especially tops. But I’ll wait for the sales. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Losing weight at home is possible Mamas. You don’t have to go to the gym to lose the weight, but it needs planning and determination.

I had been trying to lose weight many times before, but I failed because I wasn’t planning and I certainly lack the determination. Go for it Mama, you can do it!

Do you want to lose weight at home, too? Or have you started your journey already? Feel free to share your experience and some tips in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello Julai, I agree with you about the deepest why reason before starting a weight loss plan. The health benefits are the strongest and the deepest why for me too. I like all your tricks and recommendations, and I didn’t think up to now to take note of my daily food journaling. I like the idea of a notebook. I like to start a weight loss plan soon, and I will follow your advice. Thank you also for sharing your weight loss plan. As long as you have a good experience with it, I will take it into consideration and have a look to learn more about it. 

    Thank you for sharing


    1. Hello Alketa,

      I really find food journaling very helpful. And make sure to write all your food intake and the quantity, so you can take a look at it, especially when your weight is increasing, instead of decreasing, so you will have the idea more or less of what causes the increase.

      God bless your weight loss plan.

  2. Hey thanks for this article! Many true statements mentioned. I like the quote ‘ do your best and God will do the rest’.

    Im interested in loosing weight for quite a while now, I’ve been trying without no diet plans or weight lose programs which I think could be the reason I didn’t fully succeed. So I think the first step would be to search for a weight lose program. Planning too is an important step as you have stated.

    1. Hello Sariyah,

      Based on my personal experience, finding a weight loss program and following it is really part of my success. I had tried dieting before many times without a formal guide and all were not successful. I hope you will find a program that fits your lifestyle, soon.

  3. Hey. Thanks for sharing your list. I instantly likes the first point. When doing something the reason for that should not be to please people or do it for awhile.

    We always have to have a clear reason for it. Losing weight it’s for our own good both physical and mental. It will make losing weight good and also we will be healthy.

    I personally think that should be the reason to motivate us. Doing It for your own well being and doiin it for a longer term than just for a shorter term.

    Thanks, again. 

    1. Hello Fatoumata,

      I agree with you 100%. Losing weight should be for our own good, looking good in the eyes of other people is just a bonus.

  4. Hi. Thanks for this article. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I am on this weight loss journey for so long. I start over and over again, making the same mistakes all the time and thinking that it is hopeless.

    It is great that I found your article. 

    Those steps are achievable and if I accomplish them correctly I might be able to get to a result. You explained them all so thoroughly, I will read more of yoru articles to get a better insight.

    1. Hello Dominique,

      Don’t be hopeless. You will surely see result once you put your heart into it. God bless.

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