summer staycation ideas for families with toddlers

236+ Summer Staycation Ideas For Families With Toddlers

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Today, I’ll share with you an awesome, massive list of 236+ summer staycation ideas for families with toddlers in the hope that it will help you if you are planning a last-minute staycation for your family before the summer ends.

However, if the word staycation is still new to you, this post will surely help: What Is The Difference Between Vacation And Staycation?

Now that the concept of a staycation is already clear to me, I am already excited to plan our very first “official staycation”, hopefully before the month of August ends.

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Summer Staycation Ideas For Families With Toddlers

Here are a few staycation ideas that easily came to my mind based on the things and activities that I want to try with my family that we can easily do with our toddlers.

1. Visit a chocolate factory. This is a great way to start exposing your toddlers to how things are made. And a great start is to show them how their favorite chocolate is made! We are lucky we live close to the Simon Coll chocolate factory, so, it will definitely be on our list.

Simon Coll Chocolate Factory during our visit on September 9, 2021.

2. Go to a water park. A great way to get wet and have fun in the water, under the heat of the sun. Don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen, though. #1 is already very excited because I already told him that we are going to Marineland one day.

3. Visit an aquarium. A fun way of learning marine life with your kids. I was able to visit Barcelona Aquarium before when I was still single, and going back with my family is definitely on the staycation bucket list.

silhouette of people looking at auqrium

4. Visit a museum. Find a museum that’s appropriate for your toddler’s age, so they can enjoy it to the max.

5. Have a walk in the nearest forest. More activities can be done while walking like naming the plants, naming the animals and insects, collecting leaves, and stones, singing, and many more. They’ll surely make the walk more enjoyable.

A family with a toddler walking in the forest - one of the summer staycation ideas for families with toddlers

6. Play in one of the nearest children’s parks. You can bring a new toy for them to make the experience different than the previous visits. Or bring snacks that they’ll be trying for the first time. The possibilities are endless.

7. Have a picnic. Pack your lunch or snacks somewhere surrounded by nature and set up a picnic.

8. Visit a zoo. A zoo visit is always fun and also a great way of learning. Our toddlers had so much fun when we visited Barcelona Zoo for the first time. #1 was unstoppable in asking questions about the animals and repeating their names over and over again.

9. Visit a local farm. And just explore the plants and animals on the farm. We live in a village surrounded by grape farms and peach farms. The peach farms are sooo beautiful when the flowers are in bloom. Hopefully, we can go on the next flowering season.

10. Have a movie night. Find movies appropriate for your kids and let them stay late watching them.

More Summer Staycation Ideas For Families With Toddlers

With the purpose of gathering more ideas, I looked all over Pinterest for more fun summer family staycation ideas. I found a massive list of 220+ more ideas and here they are:


These ideas are perfect for those who are already very bored at home, but for some reason can’t go out of the house, yet, especially during this time of the pandemic.

This list of 50 exciting family staycation ideas for families stuck at home from A Mom Explores is a great help when making the itinerary of your family staycation with your toddlers.

It has a lot of ideas that can be done in the comfort of your home. Perfect for those days when it’s raining or when there’s a heatwave and you don’t feel like going out of the house.

The ideas that I love most from the list are virtual visits to another country, backyard camping, water play day in the backyard, a family Olympics event, a cooking or baking competition at home, trying a “yes” (i want to try this because I say no most of the time to my kids), and inventing a new holiday (like National Pancake Day).

You can get a downloadable copy of the list by clicking the link to go to the site.


Here are more Staycation Summer Activity List Ideas for Kids Stuck at Home from Toddler Approved. I love the list because there are a lot of ideas and games that I haven’t heard of before.

Some of the ideas that are new to me are painting with bubbles, painting some ice, making bubble snakes, iceboat racing, nature soap making, splashing the alphabet, having a family jogging club, and making a grass head hair salon.

Visit the site to download the entire list.


One of the advantages of a staycation is it’s less expensive. It’s a great way to still go out of the house and have fun while saving money.

Whether you want to save money for a major family vacation or just save in general, this list of 21 inexpensive staycation ideas for families from Meraki Lane is very helpful.

Some of the ideas I like from the list are making a family music video (must be a lot of fun!), staying in pajamas and enjoy a day-long movie marathon, turning the kitchen into a laboratory for some science experiments, camping out in the living room, and challenging everyone in the family to complete one act of kindness each day.


Moreover, here’s another list of 65+ Cheap and Free Summer Staycation Ideas for Kids from Mom Rewritten to help you plan a staycation with so much fun without sacrificing the family budget.

The most inexpensive idea I like is lighting some candles at the table to elevate a boring weekday dinner while playing classical music for an added elegant touch (how romantic!).

Some of the ideas are almost free like hosting a game day at home by borrowing some games that you don’t have from family or friends to have a variety for all ages, a watermelon seed-spitting contest, mini-pie eating contest, washing the car for a soapy sponge fight, and setting the sprinklers or spray the hose and running through the water.


I love this list of 50+ Awesome Staycation Ideas for Kids: Screen-Free Fun at Home from Childhood 101 because all ideas are designed to be done at home, aside from being totally screen-free. A perfect help if you’re planning for an exclusive at-home staycation!

These are also great staycation ideas for families during this covid19 pandemic.

Some of the ideas I like most and are new to me are performing a rescue mission with an ice excavation, making a worm farm, setting up a bug hotel, making sun prints, and decorating a pair of white tennis shoes with fabric markers and bling.

Final Thoughts Summer Staycation Ideas For Families With Toddlers

I am so happy with this massive list of summer staycation ideas for families with toddlers, it will surely make my family’s very first official staycation so much fun!

What are your favorite ideas? Do you have ideas that are not on the lists?

Please feel free to share in the comments section below.


Make sure to follow safety protocols and observe social distancing when going out of the house at this time of the pandemic.

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