simple 4th birthday boy celebration during covid19

Simple 4-year-old Boy Birthday Celebration during Covid19

How time flies! Our firstborn just turned 4 last October 27 (2021) and I just want to share with you how we had a simple 4-year-old boy birthday celebration during this crazy covid19 pandemic.

The original plan was to make a small birthday party on Saturday (Oct. 30) since the 27th was a school day. It will be with my husband’s family and some of my friends, a total of 12 adults and 4 kids. Even before the pandemic, we were already making family gatherings as small as possible and the pandemic has made it obligatory.

We also asked permission from the school and were given the go signal to bring coca (a typical Catalan sweet) on the 27th to share with our firstborn’s class.

But 5 days before his birthday, he started to have a runny nose and a hard cough. 🙁 He also had an on and off fever. My husband brought him to the pedia and was diagnosed with VRS virus (a common virus among kids that cause bronchitis, etc). Thankfully, he didn’t have bronchitis, but we were advised to avoid contact with others for 5-6 days to avoid transmission.

We sent messages to inform the invites that the celebration on the 30th was canceled. So, it means that there will only be 4 of us to celebrate JP’s 4th birthday. Instead of waiting for the 30th to celebrate it, we decided to just celebrate it on his actual birthday, the 27th (Wednesday).

Simple 4-year-old Boy Birthday Celebration during Covid19

Even if there were only 4 of us to celebrate my son’s 4th birthday, it was a fun, memorable, and enjoyable day for our family.

1.Simple Birthday Decoration

IMG 20211027 093539

The decoration was very simple. I blew 4 balloons printed with “4” and joined them 2 by 2 with a stick and put each stick on individual pots of snake plants in between the heart-shaped stone on the countertop.

He woke up in a bad mood, constantly saying that he doesn’t want to have a birthday. Even when he saw the decoration and the gifts, we still insisted that he doesn’t want to have a birthday.

2.Simple Birthday Food

We prepared ready-made ravioli with spinach for the kids with a little bit of tomato sauce and ternera blanca and salad for the adults.

IMG 20211027 134322
Spinach ravioli with tomato sauce.

I could have made a dish from one of the 36 Easy Kid-Friendly Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Moms to make the food special since kids eat the ready-made ravioli on normal days.

But I didn’t have time anymore because I spent my entire morning preparing the birthday cake.

3.Simple Birthday Cake

2 weeks or so before his birthday, JP was already constantly telling me that he wants a carrot cake for his birthday.

To make his wish come true, I baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and decorated it with paw patrol toppers and a sparkling #4 candle.

He was veryyyy happy with the paw patrol toppers and the sparkling candle (we lighted the candle outside for safety purposes)! He didn’t eat his cake though because he was very excited to play with his gifts.

IMG 20211027 140841

I got the free printable paw patrol cake toppers from Oh My Fiesta In English. I chose the design that I like and printed 2 copies of each that I pasted back to back with a stick in the middle for sticking into the cake.

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4.Simple Birthday Gifts

We don’t like giving a lot of gifts to our kids all at once and we want them to have a minimal number of toys as much as possible.

#1 already wanted to have a watch months ago and we told him to wait until his 4th birthday. So, I ordered a paw patrol watch for him and he was over the moon! I also ordered Magna tiles for him as a joint gift from my close friends.

IMG 20211027 143923
Playing with the magna tiles right away after lunch and skipping the carrot cake dessert. He’s wearing the paw patrol watch on the left wrist.

If you are looking for practical gift ideas for kids, make sure to check :

100+ Useful Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids (2021 Edition)

He received additional gifts the following day. A hot wheels raceway track from my cousin and a lego monster car from my husband’s cousin. And there’s another gift coming from the grandparents (we told them not to visit us yet since we all have the virus now and they’re already seniors with low immunity).

A Photoshoot to Make the Birthday Extra Special

Even if my firstborn’s 4th birthday was very simple, I booked a photoshoot with a professional photographer a week prior to make his birthday extra special.

4th birthday boy photoshoot.
#1 showing off how old he is!

He might not appreciate it now, especially because he was already sick during the photoshoot, but hopefully, he will appreciate it more as he grows older, especially when he takes a look at the beautiful, stunning photos in the future.

Final Thoughts

Despite this covid19 pandemic refraining us from making huge gatherings, but it can’t stop us from celebrating birthdays and other important family occasions. We just have to find simple ways to enjoy the occasion.

How about you, how did you celebrate your kids’ birthdays during this pandemic? Or if it will be soon, how would you celebrate it? Please feel free to share your answers in the comment section below.

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