photos of the 8 letter to santa free printable templates

8 Letter to Santa FREE Printable Templates

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Check out these cute free printable Dear Santa letters!

Hello Mamas, today, I’m going to share with you the recent letter to Santa free printable templates that I made, just in case you need a little help in looking for a free printable Santa letter template for your kid/kids.

How time flies! It’s Christmas (busy time of year) once again – very soon!

8 Letter to Santa Template Printables

Here are 8 simple official letter to Santa templates that your kids can use in writing their own letter to Santa to ask for the nice things that they wish to have this year’s Christmas season!

These letters are for kids of all ages and you can download the free printables right away without the need to enter your email address (because I know you don’t like that, Mamas)! You can show them all 8 different versions of the free templates and let them choose the design that they like best, so they’ll be more excited to write their letter to the “big guy”!

1. Dear Santa Claus

This classic letter to Santa template is fun and more suitable for older kids as there is a section where they can paste photo clippings of the presents they like for the holiday season.

first page of the letter to santa free printable templates

2. Dear Santa

This fun template is a variation of #1 which is also suitable for older children.

second page of the letter to santa free printable templates

3. Free Printable Template Dear Santa Coloring Page

Free Printable Template Dear Santa Coloring Page

This simple letter template is designed with younger kids in mind.

This is the best option for kids 3 years and younger since they just have to fill in the blanks and also comes with some things to color, a great way to entertain younger children to give Mama some time to focus on other Christmas crafts or household chores.

4. Cute Dear Santa Letter with a North Pole Sign

Cute Dear Santa Letter with a North Pole Sign

This is also good for young children as it’s very simple and easy to fill up. They just have to write their name, age, and list of gifts they want to receive during Christmas time.

5. Thank You Santa for the Gifts Last Year

Thank You Santa for the Gifts Last Year

This is another free Santa letter template for the older kids of the house.

All they have to do is write their full name, age, home address, and their Christmas wish list.

6. Simple Santa Letter Template with 5 Wish List

Simple Santa Letter Template with 5 Wish List

Perfect for kids who wants to write Christmas letter to Santa asking for more than 3 wishes.

Make sure to remind them that it’s not a guarantee though that they’ll receive all the items they listed.

There is also a section where the kids can write about the good behavior / good deeds that they did in the past year or previous months.

7. Another Free Letter Template to Santa

Another Free Letter Template to Santa

This cute letter is easy to fill up and it also has a section that expresses the kid’s gratefulness for the gifts that Santa has brought the previous year.

8. Blank Printable Santa Letter Template

 Blank Printable Santa Letter Template

This blank letter template is for older kids who love writing letters on their own.

It is a great exercise where the kids can write and express what they want to tell Santa without feeling restricted.


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How to Download the Letter to Santa FREE Printable PDF

As usual, I made 2 sizes for this free download: US Letter and A4, just choose the appropriate size compatible to your printing paper.

Please remember that just like all printables and coloring pages that I made previously, these printables are for personal use only.

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How to Make Letter to Santa More Fun for Your Kids

Now that your kids have already written their magical messages to Santa, make the letter writing even more exciting by putting each child’s letter on a Christmas envelope with Santa’s address and a return address, just like any official letter.

And to make the letter official, you can also buy a stamp from your local postal service to stamp into the envelope and drop the letters with your kids in one of the postal drop boxes in your locality – another fun activity that your kids will surely love!

Make sure to send the letters before or on December 7th to make sure that they will arrive on time!

Here are some useful links in mailing the letters to Father Christmas:

For those in the UK, you can check the Royal Mail official page for the Letter to Santa instructions.

And for those in the US, visit the USPS Operation Santa page for the complete instructions.

For those who are in Canada, visit the official page of Canada Post Office for the instructions on how to write a letter to Santa.

And of course, remind your kids to prepare a hot chocolate and some cookies for Santa as a way of saying thank you for delivering their Christmas eve box on time!

Some Christmas Items that You Might Need

Here’s a list of the items that you might need as you make make this Letter to Santa writing activity with your kids:

  1. Christmas envelopes
  2. Coloring pencils/pens
  3. Holiday Season Gift Tags

The Magic of Christmas with Your Kids

It doesn’t matter whether your kids choose a pre-made Santa letter template or a blank Santa letter template, the most important thing is that your kids will feel the magic of Christmas as they open their Christmas wishes under the Christmas tree while merrily singing Christmas songs this coming Christmas (wowww what a lot of “Christmas” word in just one paragraph)!

I wish your entire family a great time as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this coming December 25!

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