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I Love You Dad Coloring Pages (for Father’s Day)

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I love you Dad coloring pages for Father’s day and other special occasions!

Hello Mamas, father’s day is coming soon, too! Do you have plans already on how to celebrate the special day? Are you planning a surprise together with your kids? Thinking of buying an awesome gift?

If you’re looking for cute Father’s day coloring pages to go along with your celebration, here are some free printable coloring pages with beautiful illustrations that I made just for the dads of the house.

As I mentioned in my free Mother’s day printable coloring pages, I’m starting to get addicted to Canva, that’s why I love making printables and coloring pages with it. Only if I have a lot of time!

Free Printable I Love You Dad Coloring Pages for Father’s Day and Other Special Occasions

These 19 pages of I Love You Dad coloring pages are perfect for the fathers of the house for Father’s day and other special occasions.

And these coloring pages with unique images are suitable for kids of all ages.

We already celebrated Father’s day here in Spain last March 19 (feast day of St. Joseph), but I know most countries celebrate Father’s day on the 3rd Sunday of June.

different pages of I Love You Dad Coloring Pages
Some of the pages of the I Love You Dad Coloring Pages

I made the I Love You Dad coloring pages suitable for both boys and girls. There are pages with father and son graphics with the words I Love You Dad, I Love You Papa, I Love You Daddy, I Love you Dada, I Love You Pappi, I Love You Tatay.

There are also similar pages with the same words, but with father and daughter graphics.

And some pages are gender-neutral with the words Happy Father’s Day, You Are My Hero Dad, You Are The Best Papa, Papa You Are My Idol, and more.

I made the letters big and hollow, so the kids can color them nicely and conveniently.

Page 18 of I Love You Dad Coloring Pages
Page 18 of I Love You Dad Coloring Pages

Free Printable Coloring Pages for All Dads PDF

As usual, the coloring pages are in PDF format, and they come in 2 sizes: A4 and US Letter Document, to make sure that there’s an available size for all moms depending on their location and their printer type.

We use A4 as the standard printing paper here in Europe.

first page of the I Love You dad coloring pages
Page 1 of the I Love You Dad Coloring Pages

How to Use the I Love You Dad Coloring Pages PDF for Kids

You can download all the 19 pages of the free online I Love You Dad coloring pages and save the file. Then it’s up to you to choose which pages to print.

There are a lot of great ideas on how you can use these free coloring pages and no wrong way of using them. Here are some ideas to surprise the best dad in your family:

1). Let your kids choose which page or pages they like the most to color and give to Daddy.

2). Suggest to the kids to write their names on the bottom part or whichever part they like to personalize the coloring page.

a graphic of a father and daughter - page 14 of the I Love You Dad Coloring pages
Page 14 of the I Love You Dad Coloring Pages

3). Also, suggest writing the name of dad on the upper part of the coloring page for a more personal touch.

4). Compile different coloring sheets made by each kid and turn them into a “dad coloring book” as an additional gift for Dad and as a way to showcase the colorful creations of the kids.

5). These cute coloring pages can also be used as one of the kids activities for Sunday school lesson. Each kids can be given one coloring sheet of there choice than they can give to their Dads after the class.

6). These pages can also be used as holiday coloring pages during special occasions like Dad’s birthday, or just as a special gift for Dad on an ordinary day as a way of saying thank you for all his love and efforts in taking care of the family.

Download the Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages PDF

Just click the download button below with your preferred printing paper size to be directed to the PDF file.

Enjoy the I Love You Dad Coloring Pages!

I hope that you’ll find these free I Love You Dad printable pages helpful! And hope that they can add much fun to your Father’s Day celebration at home.

Advance Happy Father’s Day to all Dads all over the world!

Feel free to share your gift ideas and plans for Father’s day and how to make it a relaxing world for Dads during that special occasion!

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