Gran Hotel Los Abetos in Santiago de Compostela.

All You Need To Know About Gran Hotel Los Abetos In Santiago de Compostela

Sharing with you all the things you need to know about Gran Hotel Los Abetos in Santiago de Compostela in this review based on my family’s experience ( as a family of 4 with 2 small kids aged 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) during our recent vacation to the Galician capital from July 15-18, 2021.

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All You Need To Know About Gran Hotel Los Abetos


Gran Hotel Los Abetos is located on top of a hill in San Lazaro, Santiago de Compostela – about 5 kilometers away from the city center.

In my opinion, even if it’s not very close to the city center but the location is quite convenient especially if your family is more of the “rural type” like mine.


Gran Hotel Los Abetos is a 4-star hotel that has everything we needed to relax after a day of exploring the city of Santiago de Compostela.

In addition to rooms, the hotel has a 10,000 m² botanical garden, exclusive villas, event rooms, swimming pool and gym, and even its own chapel.

Gran Hotel Los Abetos in Santiago de Compostela.
Gran Hotel Los Abetos in Santiago de Compostela and one of their mini-buses.

Gran Hotel Los Abetos is in fact huge with a 23,000 m² natural environment. And here are some of the amenities and services that we like in the hotel:


Parking is free. There are several options: a large parking lot in front of the entrance, and also one on both sides of the hotel.


WiFi is also free, both in your room and all around the hotel. The internet speed is quite good – we connected our tablet so the kids can watch some videos of Leo el camion and Cocomelon.



There’s a pool located close to the beautiful botanical garden of the hotel. We were not able to swim though because when we went the capacity was already full.

Due to COVID, the number of people who can use the pool at the same time is being strictly controlled. So, a reservation is necessary.


The garden of Gran Hotel Los Abetos is sooo beautiful and very well-kept! It was my boys who discovered it first because my husband brought the kids outside, so I can sleep a bit.

Enjoying and relaxing at Gran Hotel Los Abetos in Santiago de Compostela.

When they came back, he was telling me about how beautiful the garden is. The following day, we went down and I saw it for myself! And wowww a beautiful garden indeed. The grass is very green and there’s a small pond with a lot of frogs and fish.

JP had soooo much fun chasing frogs and looking at the fishes, while J had so much fun running up and down the slopy part of the garden.


This is the first time for me to check in to a hotel here in Spain with its own chapel. However, it was close.

I suppose that it’s only open for private use since the hotel also holds events like weddings, other celebrations, and meetings. It’s a lovely detail that I like about Gran Hotel Los Abetos.

Gran Hotel los abetos chapel
Gran Hotel Los Abetos Chapel – in the background.

This is the most favorite spot of my husband in the hotel! The bar is located in the lobby of the hotel and every night, right after arriving from dinner, my husband goes to the bar (accompanied by the entire crew) to order a drink of local wine (different every night).

The first night we went to the balcony overlooking part of the city, then on the following night, we all sit in one of the sofas in the bar.


This is one of the services that we love and appreciate at Gran Hotel Los Abetos! They have 2 mini-buses that go in and out of the hotel to the city center. 2 schedules for going to the city and 2 schedules going back.

We availed of this free service on the day that we did our mini Camino de Santiago. We inquired in the reception about the schedules and were informed that there’s a return schedule at 5 pm and the pick-up area is in front of Massimo Dutti in Plaza Galicia.


Our room was a family room on the 2nd floor. The room was spacious with 2 double-sized beds, a small living area with 2 comfy chairs, and a round table, tv, phone, minibar, and a safety vault.

The bathroom and toilet are a good size with a bathtub, hairdryer, and the usual bathroom amenities (soap, shampoo, lotion).


We requested a crib for #2, but he didn’t sleep in it at all! We tried on our first night, but he just won’t stop crying, so he was sleeping with me in one bed and #1 was sleeping with my husband on the other bed.

Havings small kids on vacation also mean tweaking the accommodation here and there for the safety of the kids and for the convenience of the entire family. And this is usually the first thing we do upon entering our accommodations.

Gran Hotel los abetos rooms
Our room in Gran Hotel Los Abetos.

In our room in Gran Hotel Los Abetos, we pushed my bed close to the wall for #2’s safety.

We also pushed the living area close to the wall for more space and made sure that the round table was unmovable in between the chairs and the minibar because we found out that the table had a glass covering and #2 was playing with it and was already slowly moving the glass! I can’t imagine the glass falling on #2 if we were not able to detect it.

Child-proofing the accommodation room is really a must when traveling with small kids!

#1 had so much fun taking his nightly bath in the bathtub. Since our stay in Casona De El Castañiu In Asturias, he now loves and enjoys bathtubs.

Aside from family rooms, they also have other types of rooms: double, deluxe, villa, family villa, villa with 2 rooms, and villa with 3 rooms.

Restaurant & Food Options

We chose the option with free breakfast when we booked in Gran Hotel Los Abetos for convenience. They have a lot of breakfast options from cereals, sweets, bread, ham, bacon, eggs, fruits, juice, milk, coffee, etc.

The staff are very nice and really doing their best to ensure the safety of everyone. I was even surprised on our first day because there was already a table with a high chair!

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I had the impression that they already prepare tables with high chairs depending on the number of guests who have small kids because I also saw another table ready with a high chair. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence, but I was impressed!

And oh, on the 2nd day, my husband told me that the woman eating at the other table with 3 others was the president of Madrid! He said maybe it’s the reason why there was a police checkpoint at the entrance of the street leading to the hotel.

Sorry for digressing.

Hotel Los Abetos offers dinner, too, in their in-house restaurant: El Bordon. But we didn’t avail of this option because it was quite expensive. And since it’s summer, so going out for dinner is not a problem.


There are accommodations with options of free breakfast and dinner that are quite affordable, so make sure to check it and make calculations on which option is cheaper before finalizing your reservation.

We usually like to avail of free breakfast and dinner because it’s more convenient especially with small kids and when the location is far from the city center. This is what we availed in our accommodation in Peniscola, Spain because it was more or less the same expense if we go out of the hotel for dinner.

But the option was way more expensive in Gran Hotel Los Abetos, so, we decided to just have dinner outside.

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Nearby Attraction & Entertainment

Gran Hotel Los Abetos is very close to Monte del Gozo. We discovered it as we were driving to the nearby places surrounding the hotel on our first night after dinner.

We decided to go back and have dinner the following night in Monte del Gozo, but unfortunately, there was a concert going on, so no cars were allowed to enter. Everyone can come but on foot.

While writing this post, I have learned the beautiful story about Monte del Gozo and how I wish that we were able to explore the place.

Monte del Gozo, also known as Monte do Gozo, is a 380 meters high hill located just 5 km from Santiago de Compostela.

This particular point is known throughout the world for being the point where for the first time the pilgrims arriving in the holy city of Santiago de Compostela can see the towers of the cathedral in the distance.

According to history, the name of Monte do Gozo was born precisely from the feeling of overflowing happiness that the pilgrims felt at that time. You can read more of the story on Monte del Gozo in this article.

Since Gran Hotel Los Abetos is just 5 km away from the city, so it’s easy to explore different tourist spots and entertainment in the city and come back to the hotel for a cozy rest time.


We booked our stay in Gran Hotel Los Abetos thru, just like our accommodation in Asturias.

But this time, I booked it through the app on my phone because it was cheaper compared to the price on the booking site opened on the computer.

Always check and compare prices on the booking app (if using) or any other travel app your using, on the booking website opened on a computer, and also the accommodation’s website, and do the booking where it’s cheaper.

Final Thoughts On Gran Hotel Los Abetos

If you’re planning to go on vacation with your family to Santiago de Compostela, I highly recommend Gran Hotel Los Abetos as one of the best places to stay in the Galician capital especially if you’re looking for quiet, cozy accommodation away from the noise of the city.

Are you planning a vacation to Santiago de Compostela? Would you consider Gran Hotel Los Abetos as your accommodation? Or have you been to the Galician capital already? Where did you stay? Please feel free to share your answer in the comments below.

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