some of the photos of the free lenten printables for kids.

Free Lenten Printables for Kids

Today, I’ll be sharing with you free Lenten printables for kids as I scored the net lately to look for printable versions of coloring books, coloring sheets, and related Catholic worksheets that we can all download for our little ones in the upcoming season of Lent.

How time flies and suddenly it’s almost lent once again! The Lenten liturgical season is always a very special Church occasion for all Christians, and more so, if you have kids! They’re all excited for Easter Sunday!

I want to make the Lenten season more special in our home this year, especially since kids are getting older, as part of our family’s effort on how to start living liturgically at home with our small kids.

Free Lenten Printables for Kids

The good news is that there are a LOT of free lenten printables for kids that are available on the net, but I will only feature a few (5 more or less, and only secure sites will make it to the list) because I don’t want to overwhelm you with so many choices!

Free lenten printables for kids

These free printables lent worksheets for kids is a creative way for them to participate in the season of lent without us, parents, worrying about issues like privacy policy, or if the company where we will buy the products have free shipping.

Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Here’s a collection of lenten printable coloring pages for your kids that are completely free. You don’t even have to subscribe to the newsletter of the sites to be able to download and print the pages. I hope you’ll find plenty of pages appropriate for your kids’ ages.

1. Free Printable Lent Coloring Pages from ScribbleFun

ScribbleFun has a total of 20 coloring sheets that you can easily download for your kids. You don’t have to subscribe to their newsletter or sign in to be able to download them. You just click on the individual photos to be directed to another page that will make the photos bigger and there you will have the option to print the pages.

The 20 lent coloring pages have a variety of themes related to Lent: symbols of Lent, Ash Wednesday, cross coloring pages, Jesus’ journey to Calvary, Jesus’ face, and many more.

They even have a Lenten calendar coloring page and 40 days of Lent coloring page that will surely give your kids much fun during the season of Lent.

2. Catholic Coloring Pages from The Catholic Kid

The Catholic Kid has 2 pages of lent coloring pages for kids that are already arranged according to themes. You just have to click the chosen theme to be directed to the bigger version of the photos then you have the option to print them right away or save them for later use.

I love their coloring worksheets because they’re very clear and they have a lot of unique pages like Jesus Washing the Apostles Feet on Holy Thursday, Jesus and the Good Thief, Easter Triduum Coloring Page, Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Cross Palms Crown of Thorns, Crown of Thorns Nails, and other Jesus pages.

You can definitely download a coloring page or two for each day of the Holy Week from this site and compile them into a coloring book for your kids. They will surely appreciate it and it will be their fun way of participating in the season of lent as we commemorate the Lord’s sufferings until the resurrection of Jesus.

3. Catholic Worksheets for Children from St. Anne’s Helper

St. Anne’s Helper has plenty of free printable lent coloring pages for your kids. The coloring pages are best suited for older kids and adults alike, in my opinion. And the good news is that you don’t have to subscribe or anything to be able to download them.

A lot of Jesus’ pages, like the different scenes Jesus’ journey to Calvary and station of the cross scenes to choose from. You can definitely involve your kids in choosing the pages that they like the most to save on regular printer paper.

4. Christian Coloring Pages from Ministry-to-Children

Ministry-to-Children has a LOT of lenten coloring pages and a hundred (if not thousands) more playful coloring sheets for kids. In fact, it says that their “coloring page section” is home to 450+ original Bible coloring pages.

They divided their coloring pages into different themes like new testament, old testament, 10 commandments, thanksgiving, and many more. So, you have a lot of printables to choose from even after the season of Lent.

5. Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers from Happy Hearty Home

9 pages of lenten coloring pages made by yours truly specifically for younger kids aged 4 years and below (for my 4 and 2-year-old boys), and for your kids of the same age range as mine.

free lenten coloring pages for toddlers

Free Bible Lessons for Kids

Aside from the free lenten coloring pages, Bible lessons are another fun Lenten season activities that you can do at home with your kids. I scored the net for three Bible lessons for kids resources that you can download and use completely free.

A kid reading the bible as part of Bible lessons during Lent - one of the activities that you can do with your kids at home during lent.

1. Free Bible Lessons for Kids from Ministry-To-Children

Ministry-To-Children has an entire page of 100% free Bible lessons for kids that are already arranged according to themes and sections from the Bible, so choosing stories is easy for parents.

2. Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids from Children’s Ministry Deals

You can find 150+ completely free Sunday School lessons for kids that are based on Biblical truth at Children Ministry Deals. Lessons are divided into groups which makes it easier for parents to choose from.

3. Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids from

97 free Sunday school lessons for your kids that are already numbered for easy navigation from

You can definitely use the free lessons in the Church, Sunday school, or at home, perfect for the coming season of Lent and even on other special occasions of the liturgical year.

Suggestions on How to Use the Free Lenten Printables for Kids

1. Give your kid one page to turn into a playful coloring sheet everyday. This is ideal if your kids are still small enough to take care of an entire activity book. Giving them one coloring page at a time will prevent you from wasting regular printer paper. Just compile all sheets into an entire book at the end of Lent.

2. Make an entire activity book. This is good for older kids who are already capable of taking care of things. You can compile the coloring pages and Bible lessons into a book and the kids can decide which page to color everyday, or you can also help them with suggestions. You can also let the kids participate in choosing which pages and lessons they want to print out.

You can multiply the number of copies if you have multiple kids, so each one can have their own activity book to work and play with, a great way for your kids to maintain the spirit of lent during the season, without the fights since they all have the same pages.

3. Find meditative benefits while working on the free lenten printables. Encourage your kids, especially the older ones to meditate and reflect while coloring the pages or doing the Bible lessons. Let them think about the life and journey of Jesus, his sacrifices, and his great love for all of us. And let them share their thoughts after doing the activity or activities.

4. Make a theme for each day of the entire Holy Week. To make the Holy Week more exciting for kids, you can have a different theme everyday for the entire Holy Week.

For example, on Monday, kids can concentrate on Bible lessons that teach them prayers like the Our Father, Hail Mary, the Apostle’s Creed, and other short prayers all depending on the age of your kids.

On Good Friday the kids can work on the stations of the cross pages, and listen to the Bible lesson about Jesus’ crucifixion. On Holy Saturday, they can color pages where Jesus is lying in the tomb, for example.

A certain day can also be dedicated to coloring pages and explaining to them the significance of religious images or photos even if they’re not directly related to Lent. For example, the images of Divine Mercy, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you find this post “free lenten printables for kids” helpful Mamas. I hope that we can all make Lent a colorful season of grace for our kids and for us parents, too.

Have you made plans on what to do this Lent with your family? Do you have any ideas in mind or other Catholic resources that are not on the list? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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