free lenten coloring pages for toddlers

Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers

Today, I want to share with you free lenten printable coloring pages for toddlers, another lenten printable resource that I personally made specifically for younger kids 4 years and below.

In the previous post, Free Lenten Printables for Kids, I compiled resources where we can download and print 100% free coloring pages and free Bible lessons guides (from new and old testament) for our kids this coming season of Lent. If your kids are older, definitely check it out.

Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Your Toddlers

My super active boys are 4 and 2 years old, at the moment, and I think they are still small enough for most of the Lenten coloring pages that I compiled in my previous post. So, I decided to create last-minute lent coloring pages for them just in time for Lent, and I’m sharing them with you, so you can also use them if you have kids with the same age range as mine.

Simple Lenten Coloring Sheets

I made a total of 9 pages of Christian coloring pages that are made up of different simple symbols of lent that the younger kids can easily work on in a creative way.

I chose figures that are easy for the kids to recognize like: a church, a cross, Jesus’ face, a bell use during Mass, a priest, crosses for Palm Sunday, washing of the feet, the resurrection of Jesus, and more.

Page 1 of Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers

You can print the pages all at once, but give one page at a time for your kid/s to turn into a playful coloring sheet everyday. At their age, they’re not yet capable of taking care of an entire coloring book, so you can save regular printer paper by not giving them all at once.

Then you can just compile them all into one activity book at the end of Lent if you want. It’s a fun way to look back at their works later on.

Coloring Pages for Holy Week

You can definitely use the simple coloring sheets for the entire Holy Week since there are 9 pages (there can be 2 days where they can color 2 pages). Another idea is to give a page that is more related to the event of the day. For example, the page where Jesus is carrying the cross will be on Good Friday, the chalice with the host on Holy Saturday, and the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

Page 9 of Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers
Page 9 of Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers

If you want more coloring pages with themes like Ash Wednesday, stations of the cross and other cross coloring pages, Jesus pages, and other Catholic worksheets, make sure to check out this related post:

Free Lenten Printables for Kids

Download the Free Lenten Printable Coloring Pages for Toddlers Here

Just click the download button below the image to be directed to the PDF file of the lenten coloring pages.

mock-upfree lenten coloring pages for toddlers

Final Thoughts

I hope that your little ones will have much fun with these simple “free lenten printable coloring pages for toddlers”, and that they can turn the Lenten liturgical season into a colorful season of grace thru these coloring pages.

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