7 Things You Should Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Journey At Home (And One You Should Not Do Yet)

a woman getting out of bed and about to step on a weighing scale with the determination to start a weight loss journey at home.

Hello Mamas and not yet Mamas, I just want to share with you the things that I should have done before starting the weight loss journey at home and one thing that I should not have done. These are all based on my personal weight loss experience following the Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge. Things … Read more

What Is The Proper Portion Sizes For Adults? How Much Should I Eat?

What Is The Proper Portion sizes for adults?

Portion size is something that I didn’t care about before, let alone the proper portion sizes of different food. But after doing the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, I realized and found out that portion size is very important. So, I started researching and reading more about the topic and the results I found were shocking! … Read more

Healthy Eating With Real Food

Healthy Eating With Real Food

I started to be interested in healthy eating when I was still single in 2016. I moved to an apartment to take care of a sick, elderly woman and in my free time, I started reading articles and watching videos about healthy eating and trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables and less meat into my diet. I got … Read more