7 Things You Should Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Journey At Home (And One You Should Not Do Yet)

a woman getting out of bed and about to step on a weighing scale with the determination to start a weight loss journey at home.

Hello Mamas and not yet Mamas, I just want to share with you the things that I should have done before starting the weight loss journey at home and one thing that I should not have done. These are all based on my personal weight loss experience following the Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge. Things … Read more

Are Carbohydrates Bad For Our Health? (Short Answer, No!)

Are Carbs Bad For Our Health?

Are carbohydrates bad for our health? Let’s find out together in this post. My daily carbohydrate intake is something that I didn’t give much thought to before. After all, I grew up learning at school that carbohydrate is one of the basic food groups that we should be consuming daily as a main source of … Read more

Healthy Eating With Real Food

Healthy Eating With Real Food

I started to be interested in healthy eating when I was still single in 2016. I moved to an apartment to take care of a sick, elderly woman and in my free time, I started reading articles and watching videos about healthy eating and trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables and less meat into my diet. I got … Read more