Super Easy Way Of Making Homemade Cloth Wipes – WITHOUT SEWING

Super Easy Way Of Making Homemade Cloth Wipes - NO SEWING

Homemade cloth wipes are one of the things I learned to make after we decided to slowly transition to a low-waste home, along with homemade table napkins. Today, I want to share with you a super-easy way of making homemade cloth wipes. This is how I made our homemade cloth wipes that we have been … Read more

The 4 Best Eco-Friendly Cotton Buds Of 2021

The Best Eco-Friendly Cotton Buds

Are you already decided to ditch your plastic-stemmed cotton buds for an eco-friendly one this 2021? If so, let me help you. I made a list of the 4 best eco-friendly cotton buds to make your transition to greener ear care easier. Plastic-stemmed cotton buds are considered as problematic as plastic straws. While cotton tip … Read more

Cotton Bud Alternatives – For A Low Waste Ear Care

Cotton Bud Alternatives - For A Low Waste Ear Care

Cotton bud alternatives are one of the very first things I discovered, along with washable menstrual pads and reusable razors, after learning about the zero waste/ low waste community. I am so glad to learn that there are alternatives to the traditional cotton buds because I was an “addict” and I use it on a … Read more

The 5 Best Washable Panty Liners Of 2021

The Best Washable Panty Liners

This post is a compilation of the best washable panty liners in the market this year (based on my research and readings), in the hope to help your switch from disposable panty liners to washable ones easier. Just like the disposable menstrual pads, disposable panty liners contain harmful chemicals such as dioxins, furans, pesticide residues, … Read more

Why Use Silicone Baking Mat – A Greener Alternative To Parchment Paper and Aluminum Foil

A sheet pan lined with silicone baking mat with chocolate cookies.

As I dig deeper into the zero-waste /less waste movement, I discovered that silicone baking mat is a great alternative to parchment paper and aluminum foil. In this post, I’ll share why we use silicone baking mat at home (we started in March 2019) in the hope that it will also give you some idea … Read more